First Call – the Beginning or the End of Your Relations

There is quite a number of articles telling us about the importance of the first date and providing useful tips on how not to make this date the last one. However, the first step in relations is actually not your first evening together but the phone call you make to invite somebody you like to a date. Much depends on the fact whether the first phone conversation will be a success or failure, so you should observe some simple rules of the phone etiquette.

The first and probably the most important rule is to be brief. Do not continue the conversation on and on and end it soon after delivering your message. It will produce an effect that you are busy, and the girl will value your time spent on this phone call more. Be the one to end the conversation in order not to appear annoying or intrusive and make a girl want more of your attention.

Think of some impressive words to finish the conversation. It is your final replica which is responsible for the impression you will produce. It can be something funny and optimistic may be a joke which will make her smile. Using a proper ending will make the whole conversation look fine.

Then, think of the content of the talk. Of course, you can not predict all twists of the dialog, but your phone call should not become a purposeless chitchat, so think of the reason why you are calling. The best variant is to invite a girl to a date without beating about the bush. Sound confident and decisive even if your palms sweat while you are asking her out. One of the advantages of the phone calls is that the girl will not see your nervous face expression.

However, the impossibility to see you in person makes you control your voice and intonation as it is the only features remained to become your helpers. Sound positive no matter what really happens in your life. Asking for a date is not a proper time to be pitiful; otherwise you will receive her refusal as one more reason to regret.

If you have to leave a message, observe the rules mentioned above but be even more careful in choosing words as the girl will have an opportunity to listen to your message over and over again. Leave only one phone number to contact you. If you provide your email, ISQ number, Facebook ID and so on it will look too desperate to make her want to call you back.

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