Religious Aspect of Lord of The Rings

The moral values in the book “Lord of The Rings” are depicted quite explicitly, I would even say boldly. Thought the religious context of the book still causes argument both between the analysts and fans. The absence of definite religious line in this book isn’t likely to worry the average reader. It is based on the Northern mythology and the author of the book is catholic, but the book hasn’t acquired the features of either the religious sermon or the neopagan treatise. Many people of various denominations like this book as it is very clear and tolerant. D. R. R. Tolkien used to received a large amount of letters in which the people who supposed themselves to be atheist reported that “Lord of The Rings” had helped them to make the first steps towards religion.

They used to state that Tolkien managed to create the world where the faith exists, though there is nothing said openly about it. They compared it with the light shed by the unseen lamp. The try to find out is the “Lord of The Rings” a pagan book or a Christian one is erroneous itself. The best definition for the book in my opinion is “the book, written by a devoted catholic who adored the northern mythology”. Tolkien created the whole world which is inseparable from his personality on the basis o the northern myths and legends. Professor hadn’t let anything that seemed to him “excessive” or ” harmful”. But this book doesn’t contain any reference to direct mentioning of any religious denomination.

There is no name of Jesus Christ mentioned in this book, and the word “pagan” has the derogatory meaning, moreover the readers came across it quite seldom. D. R. R. Tolkien states himself the “Lord of The Rings” represents the world of “natural theology” as there is no place there for churches or temples and religious rituals or ceremonies. He added that in spite of his being a devoted Christian the book he created doesn’t depict a Christian world. He also claimed that this absence of formed religion, either real or fictional one, in such detailed description of the fictional world looks somewhat strange for the profound and thoughtful reader. But if Professor had let the religious details in the book would be considered to be ideological and would become more vulnerable and unable to resist the theological speculations. Tolkien understood that the religious details imposed in the reader’s mind would spoil the whole narration.

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