Gentle Break Up

Every time we start a new relationship we hope that it will last long or even forever. However, love is unpredictable, so the one, who was the closest person to you, can become an undesirable person in your life one day. If you decide to break up with your partner, it is essential to make it as gently as possible in order not to hurt his or her feelings or cause psychological trauma by some rude words.

First of all, prepare the speech as break up is not a proper time for improvisation. It requires a through choice of words, so one or two rehearsals before crucial moment will be only for the better.

Note also, that the right settings play an important role as well. Choose some neutral place; there is no need to spoil one of your partner’s favorite places in town with sad memories of your break up. Choose the right moment – if your partner faces some serious problems, do not add more to them and postpone the conversation.

You should be honest when explaining the reasons of break up; otherwise it may take very long time for your partner to understand why he or she was dumped. However, even if you see the reason in his or her behavior, avoid accusations as the blame always belongs to both persons in a couple. If the reason is your new relationship do not discussed it with your nearly ex. It is a great pain to know that you are rejected and to hear the next moment that your partner is ready for something new will not heal the wounds.

Finally, while being as gentle and tactful as can be, make your point nevertheless. Your decision should be expressed clearly in order to make your partner understand that it is not a threat to make him or her change, but a real break up with no return.

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