Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is believed to be the most bestselling writer of today. Gaiman is not only a writer. He worked as a screenwriter of several movies, producer, director, actor, artist of several comic books, and poet. The list is impressive indeed. He became popular for his novel Stardust.

Gaiman was born in 1960 in Portsmouth, Britain. After graduation Gaiman preferred journalism to higher education. His first professional publication appeared in British Penthouse in 1984. His first story appeared the same year.

In 1985 Gaiman decided to devote himself to comic books. In fact comics were in decline at the time, anyway it didn’t stop Gaiman. He bought several books introducing main principles of creation of comics. Gaiman met Alan Moore who also shared some advice regarding to the art of comics. In 1989 the first issue of Sandman came out. It was published by famous publishing house DC (Detective Comics). In fact Gaiman didn’t expect it would be so popular. But that time he was mistaken. Sandman is supposed to be one of the most popular comics of the 1980s. In 1991 the 19th issue of Sandman won World Fantasy Award. It was the first unprecented case when comic book received prestigious award.

In 1990 Gaiman along with Terry Pratchett published the novel Good Omens, a story of doomsday. The novel was the bestseller of the 1990s. At the time Gaiman decided to change the sphere of his professional interests.

For some period of time he worked on TV, wrote a script for one of the episodes of the Babylon-5. In 1992 Gaiman moved to the United States. Later he wrote his most popular novel American Gods that won several literary awards including Nebula and Hugo.

Gaiman still lives in the USA and is still one of the most prolific writers.

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