The Theory of Learned Helpless

Probably every owner of a business has at least once faced the following situation. The HR specialist have employed the qualified managers. The boss relies on the high proficiency level and hopes that they will raise his business like ancient titans. But some time later the new employees show poor results. The hires the assessment specialists but the last claim that the proficiency level and skills of the managers meet all the demands. But even at the first sight any psychologist will notice that the passivity and sluggishness of the employees is based on the control of the boss. The last is afraid that they would soon feel relaxed and start making numerous mistakes and allow themselves to leave the incomplete tasks as they are.



Parenting an adopted child

Raising an adopted kid could be uneasy. And if you have decided to adopt a child you should take into account the problems you may face. If you have problems with an adopted child you just can’t refuse him. It is your kid and that’s it. So you should accept and treat an adopted child as your own. Actually you are the only one who bears responsibility. And all these examples when foster families refuse their adopted children are shameful. Needless to say that parenting an adopted child by beating him is beyond belief. Let’s see what are possible problems you may face raising an adopted kid.


Canada Calls You

Canada is somewhere in the north – that was all I was able to say about this country before I have visited it myself. It is a wonderful land which impresses, first of all, with its vastness. It seems that Canada can provide so thing new to surprise you every time you visit it, and I am eager to return to this country as much has been left to discover yet.

It is more convenient to begin the travel across Canada with its Eastern part. From Toronto Pearson Airport you can go straight to the largest city in the country – Toronto. It is situated on the shore of the lake Ontario which as vast as a sea. There is plenty of sites worth visiting there – a castle Casa Loma, Chinatown, Parliament, Royal Pier in the harbor. The main site, of course, is Niagara Falls – you can go under it if you hire a boat. I also recommend taking “1000 islands” tour. You will travel in a boat along Saint Lawrence River across th4e national park and then moor at Kingston – ancient town with Victorian houses which is the former capital of Canada.


What Is Good About Living in Big City

In little towns it is believed that people who have voluntarily moved to big cities are absolutely nuts. At first, I also found it difficult to understand why I need to replace living in a place where you know everybody and which you can cross from one end to the other within an hour with some polluted and overcrowded megalopolis where nobody is aware of your existence.

However, after moving to a big city I discovered one simple fact – life in megalopolis is not bad at all. It has its own positive features which make it always strange and never boring.


Naughty Kids

All newborns are sweet angels; at least their mothers will be sure of this fact. However, with time children often become naughty and aggressive with no visible reason. This aggression is not necessarily aimed at parents, it can be expressed in cruel treatment of toys and animals. Such strange behavior makes parents worry as they do not understand where it has come from.

If you have faced this problem, first thing you should note is that feelings can not be divided into normal and abnormal ones. If the emotion appears, it meant that it is natural and the right way of expressing it is just needed to be found. Crisis of kids’ aggression is at the age of 2-3 years, 6-7 and 13-14 years.


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