Naughty Kids

All newborns are sweet angels; at least their mothers will be sure of this fact. However, with time children often become naughty and aggressive with no visible reason. This aggression is not necessarily aimed at parents, it can be expressed in cruel treatment of toys and animals. Such strange behavior makes parents worry as they do not understand where it has come from.

If you have faced this problem, first thing you should note is that feelings can not be divided into normal and abnormal ones. If the emotion appears, it meant that it is natural and the right way of expressing it is just needed to be found. Crisis of kids’ aggression is at the age of 2-3 years, 6-7 and 13-14 years.

One of the main reasons of children’s negativism is the realization of their self. The kid begins to defend his interests and his ideas of the world in order to find the limits of his personality. Aggressive behavior in this case should be controlled and corrected, but not suppressed. Otherwise, the hidden anger may burst out of control one day.

Sometimes kids have negative attitude to those whom they envy and want to punish them for their superiority. Such behavioral pattern shows that the kid is not sure of his own abilities and sees no other way to occupy the first place. You should help your child to realize his own individuality and reveal his positive features.

Kids can also become aggressive out of jealousy. If they think that their parents pay more attention to someone else, they will try to offend this someone. You should always show your kid how much you care about him as it is essential for him to be sure of your love.

Some kids consider that the best way of protection is attack. If he has experiences fear he may transfer this emotion to all similar situations. For example, if someone called him a “toad” he may begin to show aggression towards toy frogs. The task of parents in this case is to explain their kids that the object of his aggression has remained in the past and should not be taken to the future.

Sometimes children just want to attract parents’ attention by expressing negative emotions. So, before becoming angry with his aggression, search for its real reason first may be it is you who are partially to blame for such naughty behavior.

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