What Is Good About Living in Big City

In little towns it is believed that people who have voluntarily moved to big cities are absolutely nuts. At first, I also found it difficult to understand why I need to replace living in a place where you know everybody and which you can cross from one end to the other within an hour with some polluted and overcrowded megalopolis where nobody is aware of your existence.

However, after moving to a big city I discovered one simple fact – life in megalopolis is not bad at all. It has its own positive features which make it always strange and never boring.

What I like most about big cities, is that it is so easy to get lost in them. The distances are huge, the streets are entangled, and having taken a wrong turn once you can find yourself in a completely strange place and discovery a whole new world every time you go for a walk.

Another particularly good feature of megalopolises is subway freaks. Honestly, it is so entertaining to look on them and their weird clothes – this sight always cheers me up and reminds me how diverse the human nature is.

Flash mobs is another reason which makes big cities worth living it. One moment you just walk along the street, and the next one you are surrounded with a crowd of weird people celebrating something and plunging you in the atmosphere of a holiday. Street concerts and performances are often as good as the ones staged in theatres and concert halls.

Finally, if you got tired of noise and people, there are parks. Sitting on the grass in the city park is a particular kind of entertainment as the contrast with noisy bustle is clearly realized and it makes the moments of piece and silence even more pleasant.

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