Canada Calls You

Canada is somewhere in the north – that was all I was able to say about this country before I have visited it myself. It is a wonderful land which impresses, first of all, with its vastness. It seems that Canada can provide so thing new to surprise you every time you visit it, and I am eager to return to this country as much has been left to discover yet.

It is more convenient to begin the travel across Canada with its Eastern part. From Toronto Pearson Airport you can go straight to the largest city in the country – Toronto. It is situated on the shore of the lake Ontario which as vast as a sea. There is plenty of sites worth visiting there – a castle Casa Loma, Chinatown, Parliament, Royal Pier in the harbor. The main site, of course, is Niagara Falls – you can go under it if you hire a boat. I also recommend taking “1000 islands” tour. You will travel in a boat along Saint Lawrence River across th4e national park and then moor at Kingston – ancient town with Victorian houses which is the former capital of Canada.

From Toronto it is quite easy to get to Montreal by plane (which is faster) or buy train (which will give you an opportunity to enjoy picturesque sceneries). Montreal is France with American accent, merry and sleepless. It even has Latin Quarters, like in Paris. There you can visit a huge cathedral Saint Joseph’s Oratory and Basillique Notre-Dame de Montreal.

Take a train from Montreal and go to Quebec – the capital of French Canada which was named by the Indians. It name means “a place where the river narrows”. You can walk along Promenade des Gouverneurs and watch the river and the islands from the above. The most interesting excursion there is, in my opinion, a tour to Montmorency Falls – it is even higher than Niagara Falls! You can walk on a bridge above this waterfall – being 83 meters high above the land and seeing roaring streams of water beneath you is a challenge you will never forget.

Everybody will find something personal which will attract him or her in Canada. May be, it will be pancakes with maple syrup, or Pow-Wow Fest where you can dance with Indians, or New France festival which will take you back in time and provide you 2with an opportunity to see French Canada of the past.

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