Training of Will

All barriers which prevent you from achieving your goals, becoming better and more successful or changing your life are in your head. Just look around you – do you really see someone who do not want you to become successful in life? If you do not, it means that the main enemy lives in your head.

One of the reasons you are still on then same place in your development is that you do not understand what the concept “will” really means. When you give promise that you will stop smoking or start joggling since Monday it is likely that your plan will remain a dream. If you want to cease everything in one moment you will be left with nothing. You should create a step-by-step instruction of how exactly you will start and what you will do next. Develop a strategy and follow it – this is the kind of will which leads to impressive results.

Another barrier you should overcome is your own disbelief in your will power. If you think that human abilities or human will are restricted, it can prevent you from going too far. Personally I read different inspiring stories of someone’s success – they make me believe that everything is possible.

Some people, me included, view any failure as their personal tragedy and offense.

However, every big deal begins with failures and you should view them not as the obstacles on your way but as the means of learning something useful, which will help you to proceed. If any failure would have been a tragedy, we had not learnt even to walk as in the beginning all of us were constantly falling.

Another important factor which is necessary for your success is that the process of achieving your aim should bring you pleasure. It is not necessary that every “must” is an action performed with effort. Try to enjoy what you do, be proud of your strong will which allows you to go forward. There are three things which motivate us most – independence (you make your own decisions), skill (you are pleased when you feel you are good at something) and the company of like-minded persons (the way to your goal is connected with the joy f communication). Besides if you are determined to complete some mission alone, note that it can be just boring, and boring activities, as we know, do not give us much enthusiasm.

Training of will, like any other kind of training requires the help of a good coach. As in this case the coach of the whole process is you, you should observe your own behavior. To humiliate yourself and apply to your inner anger is not good motivation. Sooner or later you will rebel against your inner dictator. It is better to remind yourself about the final result you want to achieve as it will make you want to try harder better than any insults. Your sincere wish will strengthen your will and give you energy to achieve whatever you want without much effort.

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