Falling in love with your therapist.

It seems like I fall in love with my therapist. Actually I’m sure that my feelings are serious. I’m not kidding you. And I have no idea what should I do in this complicated and confusing situation. I started to visit him eight months ago. It was my first experience of visiting a counselor and to tell the truth it was a little bit strange for me. For some period of time I couldn’t reveal my actual feelings and problems. It was challenging for me at the time. He seemed to me to be a bit arrogant and even indifferent. Well, in fact it didn’t surprise me. Anyway I didn’t like him much. I realized that probably he would be able to help me to cope with my problems. That’s why I decided not to give up and continued visiting him. Everything was okay for the first time. At least it seemed to me so. I realized that he was the only one who could help me and support.

I thought that I became simply attached to him and his advice. I can’t understand what is real and what is visionary. I tried to do my best to get rid of those thoughts. I tried to distract myself from his personality. And it didn’t work. I know that we can hardly be together. He has a family and as far as I know he has two children. It makes me feel sad. I can’t be together with a person I do love.

At the same time I realize that the situation I found myself is very typical among patients and even normal. But all these thoughts haunt my mind. I have no idea how to get rid of them. Do I need to reveal my feelings to him or I should change a therapist? How usually people behave in the situation?

Surfing the Internet and trying to find some useful information on the issue I found out that even women fall in love with their female therapists. Well, it is really strange. I read a story of a woman who fall in love with her female therapist. She suffered from post-natal depression or something like that. She decided to visit a psychologist and as the result she fall in love with her. She is a heterosexual woman who has a child. She is devastated as she doesn’t (or didn’t) know what to do in the case.

I do trust him my feelings, my fears and hopes. He is very nice and charming man. I want to know him better, I want to spend time with him. I want to know what he feels and what he wants in his life. What is he dreaming about? I want to become his friend, his lover. The very idea that it is impossible and that it would never happen makes me feel frustrated. I want to be a happy person. I think I deserve it. But it is impossible because we would never be together. That’s really terrible.

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