Rejecting your husband via your child.

It happens so that you may express your irritation and anger with your husband via your child. You may even not realize what’s going on and what actually causes this kind of irritation and frustration. You could be irritated by indecisiveness or manners of your husband. You are not attracted to him as it was at the very beginning of your marriage. You are bored and overwhelmed with family problems. You should take into account that it would be impossible to change your spouse. The only possible way to get rid of the feeling of irritation and frustration is to change your attitude. Try to be more reasonable and tolerant. Try to revalue your relationship.

Unfortunately some women tend to reject their husbands via their children. It seems to you that you child has inherited the worst traits of your husband. You are not able to distract your attention from this fact. You focus only on the mistakes your child makes. You are not ready to accept your child as he is. You see only negative things. Moreover you are irritated by the same habits your husband has. You are sure that he would grow up with character of your husband. And you criticize your child or try to improve him.

First of all you should try to figure out what are actual reasons of your irritation. If you are irritated by your husband and his habits then leave your child. Stop blaming or criticizing him. It would never work. Moreover if you treat your child like this it may lead to low self-esteem problems of your kid. Do not be too demanding. You may simply damage your relationship with a child. He would try to satisfy your endless expectations. But he would always fail and you would be irritated by it. Just think about it.

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  1. Great thoughts!

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