Dating a vegetarian

Dating a vegetarian could be difficult. Especially if you are a meat-eater. You simply can’t imagine your lunch without a grilled chicken or a chop. Well, not many vegetarians are crazy about what their partners eat (even though there are still many vegetarians can’t stand what their family members and friends prefer to eat). It is your choice to eat meat and it is her choice to eat vegetables. Anyway you can face some problems. So let’s see how you should deal with it.

Some vegetarians are crazy about their lifestyles. It means that it is really important for her what she eats. And inviting her to another restaurant you should get ready that she may really worry about how the meal was cooked, what they used and something like that.

Some vegetarians (especially girls) do not find it funny when others make jokes of their lifestyles. I mean it could be okay but try to avoid it. Well, if your lovely girlfriend thinks that the best way to keep milk fresh by leaving it in the cow there is no point to make jokes of it. I mean many are really touchy about the subject. And if she doesn’t interfere in your menu then just leave hers as well.

It could be a real problem if your girlfriend tries to persuade you that eating meat is bad. She may even make scenes concerning your choice. Well, you should try to explain her that it is not for you. Vegetarianism is conscious choice and no one could make you change your mind. She should realize it. And if you are a meat-eater you should not feel yourself guilty for it. Both of you should respect your lifestyles. And that’s it.

Another problem a mixed-diet couple may face is the situation when a meat-eater complaints that he can’t stand it anymore and wants his partner to cook meat meals. Well, it might be really problematic for a meat loving person to eat salads and french fries all the time. If you are not okay with it actually… it is your problem. You are dating her, she is not your wife and in fact you can require nothing. At the same time anything would hardly change after you getting married her. Of course she could change her diet habits. But it is not guaranteed.

Try to find benefits of her lifestyle. First of all it is believed to be healthy. No doubts vegetarian salad is much healthier than a frilled chicken. By the way eating too much fried meal could cause really serious problems. Invite her to a vegetarian cafe or to sushi bar. She would definitely appreciate your gesture. It means that it is really important for your partner that you are not indifferent to her choice and that you respect it.

Do not try to persuade her that the choice she has made was wrong. Actually, it would drive her crazy. Do not make decisions for her. She should realize all the pros and cons of her lifestyle herself.

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