How to Understand That Your Boyfriend is Wally?

When I was a little girl I thought that Wally is a nice masculine short name that would make a perfect second name for all the sons of a person named Wally. Imagine: Charles Wally Banks or Michael Wally Stanford. Later I became aware of the fact that even George, Fred or Jack could also be Wallies actually. And they are not that plain as they may seem at the first sight. I have a great experience in communicating with Wallies so I’ll tell you how to understand that you are dating with one of them and escape right in time.

The first sign that your boyfriend is a Wally is his popping up in you life. Generally the Wallies come right out of the blue and throw all your ex-boyfriends in the shade. If you have just get acquainted and five minutes later he looks at you with the dog’s eyes swearing to take you away to the paradise be careful. Of course if you have masochistic personality and enjoy the deep psychological traumas he is your chance. But after the fast adventure and soon final don’t be surprised having found yourself crying at your friend’s shoulder and complaining her about your misfortunes.

Many women often ask themselves:” Oh, how could he?”. The only correct answer is “he could, he can and he will be able to act that way forever and ever”. Why? Because it is the way he works. You may go to your office in the morning and type the documents or answer the endless phone calls for example. He also has to earn for living but he does this in another way. If you are a professional doctor or IT specialist he is a professional liar. By the way, he is a well-educated high-skilled qualified liar.

Generally such guys claim that they don’t value money as the real feelings are the true value. That’s why he gives you cheap fake jewelery and you eat the cheapest ice-cream in the city instead of eating out in a nice place.

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