What Is Good About Living in Big City

In little towns it is believed that people who have voluntarily moved to big cities are absolutely nuts. At first, I also found it difficult to understand why I need to replace living in a place where you know everybody and which you can cross from one end to the other within an hour with some polluted and overcrowded megalopolis where nobody is aware of your existence.

However, after moving to a big city I discovered one simple fact – life in megalopolis is not bad at all. It has its own positive features which make it always strange and never boring.

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Naughty Kids

All newborns are sweet angels; at least their mothers will be sure of this fact. However, with time children often become naughty and aggressive with no visible reason. This aggression is not necessarily aimed at parents, it can be expressed in cruel treatment of toys and animals. Such strange behavior makes parents worry as they do not understand where it has come from.

If you have faced this problem, first thing you should note is that feelings can not be divided into normal and abnormal ones. If the emotion appears, it meant that it is natural and the right way of expressing it is just needed to be found. Crisis of kids’ aggression is at the age of 2-3 years, 6-7 and 13-14 years.

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Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is believed to be the most bestselling writer of today. Gaiman is not only a writer. He worked as a screenwriter of several movies, producer, director, actor, artist of several comic books, and poet. The list is impressive indeed. He became popular for his novel Stardust.

Gaiman was born in 1960 in Portsmouth, Britain. After graduation Gaiman preferred journalism to higher education. His first professional publication appeared in British Penthouse in 1984. His first story appeared the same year.

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Gentle Break Up

Every time we start a new relationship we hope that it will last long or even forever. However, love is unpredictable, so the one, who was the closest person to you, can become an undesirable person in your life one day. If you decide to break up with your partner, it is essential to make it as gently as possible in order not to hurt his or her feelings or cause psychological trauma by some rude words.

First of all, prepare the speech as break up is not a proper time for improvisation. It requires a through choice of words, so one or two rehearsals before crucial moment will be only for the better.

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Religious Aspect of Lord of The Rings

The moral values in the book “Lord of The Rings” are depicted quite explicitly, I would even say boldly. Thought the religious context of the book still causes argument both between the analysts and fans. The absence of definite religious line in this book isn’t likely to worry the average reader. It is based on the Northern mythology and the author of the book is catholic, but the book hasn’t acquired the features of either the religious sermon or the neopagan treatise. Many people of various denominations like this book as it is very clear and tolerant. D. R. R. Tolkien used to received a large amount of letters in which the people who supposed themselves to be atheist reported that “Lord of The Rings” had helped them to make the first steps towards religion.

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First Call – the Beginning or the End of Your Relations

There is quite a number of articles telling us about the importance of the first date and providing useful tips on how not to make this date the last one. However, the first step in relations is actually not your first evening together but the phone call you make to invite somebody you like to a date. Much depends on the fact whether the first phone conversation will be a success or failure, so you should observe some simple rules of the phone etiquette.

The first and probably the most important rule is to be brief. Do not continue the conversation on and on and end it soon after delivering your message. It will produce an effect that you are busy, and the girl will value your time spent on this phone call more. Be the one to end the conversation in order not to appear annoying or intrusive and make a girl want more of your attention.

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