The Theory of Learned Helpless

Probably every owner of a business has at least once faced the following situation. The HR specialist have employed the qualified managers. The boss relies on the high proficiency level and hopes that they will raise his business like ancient titans. But some time later the new employees show poor results. The hires the assessment specialists but the last claim that the proficiency level and skills of the managers meet all the demands. But even at the first sight any psychologist will notice that the passivity and sluggishness of the employees is based on the control of the boss. The last is afraid that they would soon feel relaxed and start making numerous mistakes and allow themselves to leave the incomplete tasks as they are.



Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is believed to be the most bestselling writer of today. Gaiman is not only a writer. He worked as a screenwriter of several movies, producer, director, actor, artist of several comic books, and poet. The list is impressive indeed. He became popular for his novel Stardust.

Gaiman was born in 1960 in Portsmouth, Britain. After graduation Gaiman preferred journalism to higher education. His first professional publication appeared in British Penthouse in 1984. His first story appeared the same year.


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